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The Eco Team are working towards regaining the Green Flag for our school.  We have completed a series of questionnaires and have decided to focus on the three main areas consisting of litter, school grounds & waste management with the sustainable development goal being Climate Action. As a result of this review we created an action plan with all the things we would like to do this year including;
  • Working with The Tullibody Gardner to help put many of our exciting ideas into action such as planting wild flower bombs along the more basic areas of our grounds to increase the biodiversity.
  • To combat litter in the school we will be starting to do student led litter-picks and will then weigh it and perform a litter analysis monthly to see how effective our actions are, helping us know where are strengths already are in terms of eco in the school and what we can improve.
  • We have also begun to raise awareness of litter by placing anti-litter posters around the school and conducting a survey to see the initial views on litter within our school. This will help show our schoo'ls progress over time.
  • The Eco Team have also committed time to painting and making red poppies to showcase from the bottom of plastic bottles for Remembrance Day, showing their eagerness to recycle in creative ways. 
  • The team are also introducing food waste bins to all staff areas to help create our own compost that will be used in the new garden area allowing us to work with the Achieve class.
If any pupils would like to join the eco team or parent/carers would like to help with any of our plans please feel free to contact Mrs O’Donnell (clgodonnell@glow.sch.uk).