Today PC McGuirk delivered assemblies to all year groups about the electrification of the Alloa to Stirling Railway line. The message he gave was that these overhead lines should be considered as live and dangerous- they have a deadly 25000 volts running along them at all times. Please remember the dangers that you can not see: straying onto the railway and getting too close to overhead wires is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. Electrocution can occur by simply moving too close to the wires i.e. by trespassing onto the railway line, depot or compound areas that store auxiliary equipment. Electrocution can also occur by accidentally making contact with live wires through things such as fishing tackle, kites, helium balloons, selfie sticks or operating machinery in close proximity to the electrified railway line. 
The slogan that is being used by Network Rail is 'It is always on. So always stay off.'

Lornshill staff would appreciate if parents and carers discuss this hugely important safety message at home.