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Revel Week will take place between Tuesday 7th and Friday 10th May. This will be for all pupils in S1,2 and 3. The week is designed to be educational for all pupils by allowing them to learn different subject matters in a different way.  Pupils have been asked about what subjects / areas they would like to learn more about in this exciting new week. Nearer the time the pupils will be asked to choose what activities they will participate in this week, some of which may be here at Lornshill and others may be off campus. Some activities will be led by school staff and others will be led by professionals who we will invite in. For example, pupils who choose to learn about safety in the hills will be led by a Team Leader from the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team. For the duration of this week, pupils will be working in mixed year groups. There will also be a whole school activity for one afternoon in the week which will bring the whole community back together.

A staff team are presently working to make Revel Week as interesting and excitiing as it can be for the Lornshill pupils.