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'The School of D&T, along with some young people from both Schools of Numeracy and Enterprise attended an event at Easter Road stadium, Edinburgh. The event was designed to inspire and motivate young people to take an interest in STEM careers and in particular the digital sector.

Our group of 27 pupils, accompanied by Miss Nicolson, Mrs Sinclair and Mr Steel, participated in three sessions, each focused on a different area of technology. 

Session one was a hands-on, interactive session around the theme of digital communication. The teams initially constructed their own LED torches, learned about code encryption and decryption and applied this learning to decoding messages to be transmitted using Morse code with the torches that were constructed. This was a fun engaging activity and was well recieved.

Session two, STEMDEN, a take on the popular Dragons Den TV series,  was an analysis and problem solving skills activity. Pupils were given a brief around a current business. They were then asked to analyse the businesses current use of technology and look at creative solutions to improving business objectives by using technology more effectively. Pupils reported their group business proposals to the audience, which was not only Lornshill Academy, but from other schools and businesses. Feedback was given on group solutions and presentation skills. There were some very creative innovative ideas within the Lornshill teams.

The final session was a debate around 'How does technology change the world....and us?'
Groups were issued research materials around the following technology topic areas:
Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things and Cryptocurrency.
One half of the team was to look into the positive impact of these technologies and the other half the negative impact. After sharing and discussing findings, an overall consensus was reached to state if these technologies were effectively a good thing on the world and society or not....! Some of the findings were very thought provoking and outlined where technology is taking us in the not so distant future!

The event provided an insight into a breadth of technology careers, demonstrate that teamwork, communication and creativity are all important skills in the technology sector, and provide some real-life inspiration from the world of work. The pupils left with a deeper understanding of the digital industry sector and hopefully feeling “I could do that, it could be me!”. '