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The Faculty of Design & Technology organised the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest – Energiser Workshops over a 2 day period. This was aimed at our entire S2 cohort.
The workshops encouraged our young people to find out all about sustainable energy and learn about associated engineering careers. The event compliments our IDL theme of sustainability in S2 and explores some STEM pathways in the energy and engineering sectors.
The Energiser Workshop, was an interactive STEM experience, packed with hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.  All of our S2 participants received their own workbook to capture learning as they explored concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies.
Each workshop concluded with ‘The Electric Car Challenge’, where each team stepped into the shoes of an engineer, working collaboratively to adapt and improve their electric cars, experimenting with voltages and distance traveled, to calibrate their electric cars to travel a predetermined distance. The ‘supercapacitor’ technology is the same technology being used to develop more efficient and eco-friendly vehicles. The winning teams were those who were closest to the agreed distance. Our S2s enjoyed this practical experience, with some teams calibrating their cars to deliver extremely accurate distances travelled. Well done to everyone who took part.
Clearly enthused by the Energiser workshop, a group of S2  pupils have taken it upon themselves to enter the ‘Bright Ideas Challenge’, using their STEM skills to devise innovative energy solutions to power cities of the future – watch this space for more info on this exciting national competition or speak to Mr Steel (D&T) if you too would like to be part of the competition.