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Friday sees all of our young people get the opportunity to participate in the work of Lornshill Parliament for the session ahead. There will a wide selection of Committees available to join, all contributing hugely to the work of our school. Before this year's sign-ups however, it's time to look at what has been achieved already:

- A clearer policy around the use of mobile technology in the classroom
- The creation of a Wellbeing group focused on providing a supportive space for our young people at lunch
- A review of food and drink offered within the school as we move towards promoting more healthy eatingĀ 
- The introduction of real plates and cutlery into the canteen at lunchtimes, creating a more grown up and eco-friendly environment
- In conjunction with The Voice, launching our first school-wide referendum with more to follow this year!

This is our school so please get involved and sign-up on Friday